of your home

Would you like a portrait of your home or business.



Why not commision a portrait of your home, favourite building or business premises! They can be used as a wall feature, personal gift or for business marketing including websites, brochures, greetings cards etc


My portraits are mainly produced at A3 size  in black and white  using pen & pencil techniques.I can get them framed for you or can supply the drawing only.The original will be sent  by post and I will also upload a scanned version online.


Portrait size:                     A3                 
Price from Photos          £400       
Price from Plans            £500       



Framed prices are based on standard 20x25x18mm simple stained wood grain type. Various stains available.The prices above relate to the creation of the portrait from photos/images sent to me. However, it's much more professional to have an On-Site Visit by the artist at the premises itself if possible.This gives the artist the freedom to choose the best angles and composition for the portrait. An On-Site Visit (recommended) would have an extra cost of £50-200 depending on your location.   Costs for this could be discussed seperately.This would normally involve travel costs plus a fixed fee for my time.



Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion of your project. Orders which are required at short notice can usually be arranged dependent upon how busy I  am at the time and may incur cost implications. Drawings will be sent by post which will be charged to the client at cost, however if the drawings are only required for planning purposes or for similar use they can be scanned and uploaded online.



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